During the visit of the Deputy Minister of Housing and Urban Communities to the Desert Research Center in the meeting of the committee concerned with establishing the national network in the field of water desalination in cooperation with the Military Technical College and the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology and in the presence of representatives of the Holding Company for Drinking Water and Wastewater and the Water Administration of the Armed Forces.
Dr. Hossam Shawky, Vice President of the Desert Research Center for Projects and Head of the Egyptian Desalination Research Center (EDRC), gave a brief overview of the projects that the Center of Excellence is working on while outlining some goals and duties. set by the network.
This network is a huge scientific database that aims to unite the efforts of all scientific bodies and form a decisive national scientific and industrial bloc for water desalination studies. The network serves all categories of people by providing information, scientific research and development in the field of water technology