The Egyptian Desalination Research Centre of Excellence (EDRC Phase II) stands as one of the most significant completed projects in its second edition. It was implemented in Ras Sudr, in the South Sinai Governorate. This project is an extension of the Egyptian Desalination Research Centre of Excellence, which was founded in 2016 at the Desert Research Centre. The Center of Excellence (EDRC Phase II) presents direct services that serve the people of the city of Ras Sidr, and the center was provided with a number of advanced devices that can perform several complete analyses for water.

Lap Services

The EDRC Phase II, offers direct services to the residents of Ras Sudr. The center is equipped with a number of advanced devices that can perform many complete analyses for water.

Atomic Absorption Spectrometer Thermo Scientific, England.


It is an analytical technique used to determine how much of certain elements there are in a sample. It uses the principle that atoms (and ions) can absorb light at a specific, unique wavelength. When this specific wavelength of light is provided, the energy (light) is absorbed by the atom. Electrons in the atom move from the ground state to an excited state. The amount of light absorbed is measured, and the concentration of the element in the sample can be calculated.

Flame Photometer.

A flame photometer is an analytical instrument used in clinical laboratories for determining sodium, potassium, lithium, and calcium ions in liquid samples

Electrical conductivity (EC meter), Orion 150A+, Thermo ,Electron Corporation,USA.

 It is a measure of total soluble and dissolved salts in solution. EC is measured in units of electrical charge

pH meter, 3510, Jenway, UK.

 This instrument is used to measure hydrogen ion activity in solutions—in other words, this instrument measures the acidity or alkalinity of a solution. The degree of hydrogen ion activity is ultimately expressed as the pH level, which generally ranges from 1 to 14

Electronic balance;ATY224, JAPAN. NO.:D307532358.

An electronic balance is an instrument used in the accurate measurement of the weight of materials

Film Ablicator

For manufacturing of PS membrane flat sheet with the ability to control thickness with an industrial system width of 30cm.