The Egyptian Desalination Research Center (EDRC) and the Technology and Innovation Commercialization Office (TICO)-Desert Research Center (DRC) annually hold a summer school at Marsa Matrouh City.

 The summer school focuses on small business development and provides solutions for the sustainable development of water resources under the challenges of climate change.

The summer school aims the make water supply and wastewater management enjoyable and put this topic at the forefront of young researcher mind. Furthermore, it will give a broad understanding of water circulation in society and the aspects related to water and wastewater treatment. The summer school also provides an open platform for participants from different universities and research institutes to share experiences and exchange cooperation ideas related to their different fields of water students.


  • Upgrade students with water management skills and provide them with an overview of the substantial knowledge of water resource management.
  • Train students to explore new things in order to gain sustainable solutions to the water storage problem through friendly technologies based on reducing carbon emissions to mitigate climate change.
  • Support students with the latest practices and technologies in the area of sustainable water
  • Give students the opportunity to expand their network as well as introduce them to teamwork to find non-conventional solutions for water storage problems.